Clifford Bertin : Revelation

Revelation takes the viewer into the universe and the mind of the artist Clifford Bertin, his process along with what inspires his abstract work.

“I create like it’s my last day on earth.”

— Clifford Bertin

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Clifford Bertin is a Haitian-American, self-taught abstract painter based between Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Paris (France) and Toronto (Canada). Passionate about culinary art and painting since childhood, he draws from these two mediums to express himself.

His paintings are inspired by ancestral culture, spiritual vibrations and are passionately translated onto his canvases using colours to convey his interpretation of Haitian culture in its many forms. The hidden messages that can be found in his paintings spontaneously transport us to a spiritual and vibrant world that is both subtle and enigmatic, and lead to multiple interpretations of his work.

His paintings are done in series and phases that are carefully thought of and tell stories around themes of joy, spirituality and societal preoccupations.

Clifford has participated in both individual and group exhibitions in public spaces in the United States, Canada and Haiti and has work in private collections all over the world.